Michael Dorman

Professor Michael Dorman is an emeritus professor of speech and hearing sciences at the College of Health Solutions, Arizona State University in the United States. His group investigates many aspects of speech, voice and music perception by patients who have been fitted with cochlear implants, and by people with normal hearing who listen to simulations of cochlear implants.

One line of research focuses on neural plasticity in children. In this work, his group uses cortical potentials to assess the development, deterioration and plasticity of central auditory pathways in normal-hearing children, children with hearing impairments and profoundly deaf children fit with cochlear implants.

A second line of research, which has been ongoing for 13 years, involves the perception of speech when speech is transmitted by only a few channels of stimulation. His group is also trying to make music sound better for cochlear implant patients. Additionally, they are studying implant patients with residual low-frequency acoustic hearing.

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